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Noflex Digestor

Noflex Digestor




Zaal Noflex Digestor has been used for several years in the commercial industrial workplace to reduce sludge build up and control unwanted odours in sewage treatment and holding systems on land as well as high efficiency treatment systems aboard marine entities such as the Coast Guard and Merchant Vessels.

Originally developed by Zaal to enhance the treatment system, NOFLEX is now available in retail packaging for private use in home septic systems as well as marine and RV holding tanks.  NOFLEX cleans the waste that coats the inside of the piping as it is flushed through the system stopping smells from leaching through pipe connections and hoses. Once inside the holding tank, the product instantly reacts, neutralising odours instead of masking them.

How it works

NOFLEX introduced into the system, being heavier than water, sinks to the bottom of the tank where anaerobic (dead bacteria sludge) concentrates.  Upon contact it reacts with the sludge lifting it into the main stream releasing micro bubbles of oxygen that break up waste.  This also releases the proteins out of the sludge that act as an additional source of nutrition for live bacteria.  The live, ‘good’ bacteria then eat the sludge!

As NOFLEX works into the tank it breaks down the organics in the wastewater, liquefying solids and greases to facilitate easy pump-outs. The spent residue from the reaction is sodium carbonate (washing soda) which helps buffer the solution for discharge to waste treatment facilities.

With the use of NOFLEX there is no need for carbon filters on vents or large quantities of product stowed in small cupboards. It is safe on plastics, cast iron and copper piping.

Environmentally Friendly

  • This product is an environmentally friendly surfactant; in waste systems it poses no environmental impact on discharge.
  • When pump out is needed it will enhance the performance of septic fields or other waste treatment systems it is emptied into.
  • The main reaction by-product is sodium carbonate (washing soda)
  • See our Material Data Safety Sheet for full details


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