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Electric 240V – Economy 50-70 lph

Electric 240V – Economy 50-70 lph

High Pressure Pump

  • Voltage: 240v / 50Hz or 115v / 60Hz
  • Optimised for: 2kW generator or higher
  • Draws: 1300 watts in steady state operation
  • Dimensions:
  • Length 722mm, Width 300mm, Height 370mm
  • Length (28.4″), Width (11.8″), Height (14.6″)
  • Weight: 28.5kg (63lb)

Economy RO Membrane

  • Fresh Water Production: 50 – 70 litres per hour
  • Dimensions: Length 1,200mm (47.2″), Width 100mm (3.9″), Height 100mm (3.9”).
  • Weight: 11.0kg (24lb).


Pressure Supply Unit – Electric (PSU-E) 

240V / 50Hz

The electric pressure supply unit is our newest addition to our product line. It is ideal for those who want high fresh water output to limit the time they are drawing from their electrical system.

Features include:

  • Sturdy polypropylene shell
  • 1.1KW totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) induction motor
  • Pre-filter and housing externally mounted for ease of service
  • Jabsco impeller pump to lift water and provide positive pressure to the high pressure pump
  • General Pump WM series 316 stainless steel high pressure pump, the workhorse of the RO industry
  • General Pump relief valve to prevent overpressurisation and allow for pressure washing
  • Sturdy 2 metre draw hose fitted with one way valve so it remains primed, with detachable strainer
  • High pressure stainless steel quick couple outlet for connection RO membrane unit or pressure washer gun
  • Four replacement 5 micron pleated paper pre-filter cartridges included
  • 1kg (2.2 lb) bag pickling solution powder included
  • Couples with one of our reverse osmosis membranes, ordered separately
  • Can also be coupled with RO membranes from other suppliers
  • Can be coupled with optional pressure washer gun
  • Dimensions: Length 722mm (28.4″), Width 300mm (11.8″), Height 370mm (14.6″)
  • Weight: 28.5kg (63lb)

Economy Reverse Osmosis Unit

Single 40″ Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Features include:

  • Single 40″ Dow Filmtec RO membrane will produce 50 to 70 litres per hour (11 to 16 gph) with our pressure supply unit, depending on water temperature
  • All salt water plumbing is 316 stainless steel
  • Quality fluid filled pressure gauge
  • 316 stainless steel pressure valve for long life
  • 3 metre (10 ft) input hose with quick fit connector for connection to pressure supply unit, won’t mark your deck
  • 3 metre (10 ft) food grade polyurethane fresh water delivery hose
  • 10 metre (33 ft) food grade polyurethane extension hose for reaching your forward water tank
  • 3 metre (10 ft) brine hose
  • Dimensions: Length 1,200mm (47.2″), Width 100mm (3.9″), Height 100mm (3.9″)
  • Weight: 8.5kg (19lb)
  • Note: These photographs represent the current version of the product. Photos elsewhere on website may be of previous product version.