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Electric 12 Volt- Economy 24-30 lph

Electric 12 Volt- Economy 24-30 lph

High Pressure Pump

  • Voltage: 12v DC
  • Draws: 32 amps (400 watts)
  • Dimensions: Length 722mm, Width 300mm, Height 370mm
  • Length (28.4″), Width (11.8″), Height (14.6″)
  • Weight: 26.5kg (63lb)

Economy RO Membrane 

  • Fresh Water Production: 24 – 30 litres per hour
  • Dimensions: Length 1,200mm (47.2″), Width 100mm (3.9″), Height 100mm (3.9”).
  • Weight: 11.0kg (24lb).



This lower power, lower output system is ideal for use when you are running solar / battery for your main power source.

  • Sturdy polyethylene shell.
  • Permanent Magnet totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) DC motor.
  • Draws 32 amps (400 watts) including integrated lift pump in portable configuration (current draw may vary +/- 10%).
  • Can be configured to draw 25 amps (300 watts) by bypassing integrated lift pump and providing your own boost pump.
  • Prefilter and housing externally mounted for ease of service.
  • Integrated Jabsco impeller pump to lift water and provide positive pressure to the high pressure pump.
  • General Pump WM series 316 stainless steel high pressure pump, the workhorse of the RO industry.
  • General Pump relief valve to prevent overpressurisation.
  • Sturdy 5 metre draw hose fitted with one way valve so it remains primed, with detachable strainer.
  • High pressure stainless steel quick couple outlet for connection RO membrane unit.
  • Five 5 micron pleated paper pre-filter cartridges included.
  • 1kg (2.2 lb) bag pickling solution powder included.
  • Couples with one of our reverse osmosis membranes, ordered separately. (note: not compatible with high output RO case)
  • Dimensions: Length 722mm (28.4″), Width 300mm (11.8″), Height 370mm (14.6″)
  • Weight: 26.5kg (63lb)



Our highest output RO system is compatible with either the petrol (gasoline) or electric pressure supply units.

  • Two 40″ Dow Filmtec RO membranes will produce 100 to 140 litres per hour (23 to 32 gph) with our pressure supply unit, depending on water temperature.
  • All salt water plumbing is 316 stainless steel.
  • Quality fluid filled pressure gauge.
  • 316 stainless steel pressure valve for long life.
  • Rugged polyethylene case.
  • Sturdy handle to ensure ease of carrying.
  • 5 metre (16 ft) input hose with quick fit connector for connection to pressure supply unit, won’t mark your deck.
  • 3 metre (10 ft) food grade polyurethane fresh water delivery hose.
  • 10 metre (33 ft) food grade polyurethane extension hose for reaching your forward water tank.
  • 3 metre (10 ft) brine waste hose.
  • Dimensions: Length 1,180mm (46.5″), Width 130mm (5.1″), Height 250mm (9.8″).
  • Weight: 23.5kg (52lb).
  • This is effectively an elongated version of the 21″ Compact RO Case.
  • Note: These photographs represent the current version of the product. Photos elsewhere on website may be of previous product version.
  • New: For customers wishing to install the membrane unit without using the external case, we now offer a “Rainman Naked” option that includes all the internals of this RO option without the case.